Pepper Pike Civic League FAQ


What does the League do?

The Pepper Pike Civic League was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1957, and is today a 501(c)(3) organization. Its objectives are to promote good government, supply information relative to government affairs, and encourage citizens to take an active interest in the affairs of government. The League is non-partisan. The League focuses on Pepper Pike City government, but the League encourages interest in other local, county, and state government affairs.

To fulfill these objectives, the League does the following:

  • Produces and distributes the annual Pepper Pike Directory
  • Sponsors a Candidates + Issues Forum in the fall
  • Sponsors a Town Hall Meeting in the spring
  • Maintains a website,
  • Awards an annual $2000 Civic Award to a senior high school student residing in Pepper Pike to encourage civic interest
  • Assigns one or more Trustees to attend Pepper Pike City Council work sessions, and Orange School Board meetings
  • From time to time, the trustees submit to the Pepper Pike mayor and members of city council issues and concerns that members of the League may have


Who is eligible for membership?

Membership is open to any adult resident of Pepper Pike upon payment of dues for the current calendar year. The League is entirely funded by the annual dues of members. Annual dues (residents) are $20.00, and are tax deductible. An application for membership is available on


What is the relationship between the League and the City of Pepper Pike?

The Pepper Pike Civic League operates independently of any government body. A Pepper Pike City official or employee may not be a Trustee of the League, but may be a member.

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